Thursday, 25 November 2010

25/11/2010 Data Collection in Full Swing

A busy week spent mainly on the phones, collecting data from study participants in our Research Study.  Great talking to everyone and finding our where they’re up to – I’ll very much look forward to seeing the work come in after Christmas and actually seeing some of the finished samples and designs. 

SST is usually pretty quiet in the respect of new enrolments in the run up to Christmas, but busy in January when all the presents are unwrapped and the turkey is eaten. It tends to get dark, cold and frankly rather boring so lots of people turn to some textile work and consider enrolling in a course or even two!!

Having said that we’re still receiving lots of work for assessment – I guess some of your are trying to clear your decks before all the Christmas stuff intrudes?  We’re not complaining, though – October was our busiest month ever with more enrolments that we’ve ever taken previously, and the downtime gives us chance to work on new projects………………our level 2 delivery is now well underway with Marj taking some wonderful photos on her new camera for the modules. 


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Next Year's Calender

We've been putting out thinking caps on in the office this morning - our 'big idea' is to work at least 12 months ahead and devise a 'calender' of events which will be mainly online so that all students and other facebookers with an interest in textiles can join in, even if they live miles away from the centre or are in another country. These will then be made into a download and can be viewed from our site.

We've been toying with the idea of awarding a bursary each year which will completely pay for either a certificate or diploma student to complete their studies with us and had thought of running a competition of some sort to award it.  Whatever the competition or challenge for this was it could become one of the events for the year.

Other ideas were to include an open day at the same time as the annual exhibition for this who were near the centre to visit and view at the same time as speaking with the tutors and we'd also like to include at least one of the events for a charitable cause..............mmmm.  Lots to think about!  If you have any unusual/innovative ideas, then please do drop me a line. I'd love to get your input

Went walking at the weekend - the weather was somewhat better than today (it's pouring down!!) and took a couple of pictures of our route (one below) which tends to always end/begin or break at Cedar Farm for some of Roberts & Co's gorgeous fresh coffee! Recently an unfolding drama there has added interest to our usual stopoffs - a rather 'unique'customer turns up each week, elderly husband in tow, on Sunday morning and spends 3 hours or so with her bare feet up on one of their sofas (always the same one - apparently she arrives 15 mins before they open to ensure she gets it), completely shreding all their Sunday suppliments, leaving a huge pile of paper behind her, nothing left for anyone else to read and the staff and owners ready to do murder!!  From a psychological point of view it's pure gold - she's clearly on a weird sort of power trip, but my money is on the staff and owners of Robert's to win this space for status updates!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brochure Design – hard work!

Yesterday and today have been mainly spent working on a new pdf brochure to send out via email to prospective students enquiring about courses.The theory goes that it would also be good to get the same brochure done in hard copy for those who prefer their details posted, so this requires a specialist print package to assemble it.

Should be a really interesting little project – I usually love doing stuff like that -  BUT this time we’re doing a little light experiential learning (or should that be fighting with!!?) by using a new package called Adobe InDesign (part of the CS5 suite) to assemble it.  I’m sure it will be very useful in 10 years time or so, when we’ve worked out what all the buttons and switches do, but just now its looking kinda overwhelming.

Maybe enough today and a fresh start tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alice Kettle’s Exhibition

Just realised that its nearly over and I still haven’t managed to see it!

If any of you have a little time on your hands and want to visit a beautiful part of the country, then why not go along and stop off at Kirby Lonsdale for a look around the square (lots of gorgeous galleries) and some lunch.

Farfield Mill, Garsdale Rd, Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5LW
Stitched textiles by Alice Kettle
Until 14 November 2010 : 10.30 - 5 daily. Details from 015396 21958

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Building Work

We’ve been waiting for Bob (yes – I know Bob the Builder!) to replace a rotten doorframe for some time and he unexpectedly phoned Friday to say he would do it straight away, throwing us into total confusion! 

Well it’s all done now – he completed at 12ish today, but after putting the office back together we’ve decided we can’t stand the varnish smell much longer and are having an ‘early bath’ today until it has all dried out and the fumes have dissipated a bit.  Normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning!