Wednesday, 15 September 2010

15/09/2010 Re-hab for returning soldiers

The gossip grapevine has just told me that we are to get a re-hab facility for soldiers returning from Iraq/Afghanistan in the area. 

Marj and I know that there is quite a tradition of soldiers undertaking needlework in order to combat stress/boredom and generally pass the time away, so we were thinking of offering our services for a day each moth to teach some simple stitches and techniques  to them. I gather the printed tapestry canvases are very popular and pretty easy for beginners. Wonder who we’d apply to in order to find out more?  Anyone any ideas?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

14/09/2010 Autumn Days

I can’t believe how summer seems to have slipped away this week – there’s a real autumn smell and feel in the air now.  The nights seem to have really shortened and its dark around 8pm.  Also I’ve caught a cold – my first of the season – this week, so it does really feel as though winter is here already as I balance my laptop and juggle with feedback and tissues at the same time!

An invitation to organise a course in Portugal dropped into my inbox last night  - I guess that’s particularly appealing at the moment, with the thought of some nice weather, but I guess it wouldn’t be so appealing when trying to squash samples, clothes etc onto a Ryanair flight to Faro……..but we’ll see. 

Friday, 10 September 2010

10/9/2010 Level 2 Provision

Mmmm – been thinking about bringing in a lower course level in some subjects .  The new suite of courses by C&G give an interesting range of subjects and allow us to mix subjects as well, which may make for an interesting delivery.  If you’d like to check them out details are online at City & Guilds’ own site – addy is

The units available are as follows at level 2.

  • Textiles - Collection of Hand Embroidered textiles
  • Textiles - Traditional Hand Embroidery
  • Textiles - Innovative Hand Embroidery
  • Textiles - Collection of Quilting, Patchwork and Applique Techniques
  • Textiles - Item of Patchwork with Quilting
  • Textiles - Item of Applique with Quilting
  • Textiles - Textile decoration, Added Colour
  • Textiles - Textile Decoration, Added Pattern
  • Textiles - Collection of Machine Embroidered Textiles
  • Textiles - Traditional Machine Embroidery
  • Textiles - Innovative Machine Embroidery
  • Textiles - Collection of Hand Knit Textiles
  • Textiles - Traditional Hand Knit Garment
  • Textiles - Innovative Hand Knit Garment
  • Textiles - Collection of Hand Made Felt
  • Textiles - Traditional Hand Made Felt
  • Textiles - Innovative Hand Made Felt
  • Textiles - Collection of Woven Textiles
  • Textiles - Traditional Hand Woven Textile
  • Textiles - Innovative Hand Woven Textile
  • Any thoughts?

    Wednesday, 8 September 2010

    8/9/2010 Site Updates

    Alterations pretty much completed now, I think, although a couple of new photos and links need to be added. We’ve tried to provide easier access to the key areas without altering what so many of you say is a really easy site to use and navigate. We also have all the blog and facebook links in there now I’d be pleased to hear any thoughts you may have.

    Steve is still working on it today so it should be 100% completed by tomorrow. Lots of niggly little things which have taken quite a while in the end to alter or tweak!!

    You don’t need to do anything special to find it, it will simply load instead of the old homepage when you logon.

    Friday, 3 September 2010

    03/09/2010 New Site going live!

    Steve, our web designer, has been in touch today to say that he will be putting our new look site live some time over the weekend, or at the latest Monday.

    The new machine embroidery city and guilds courses will be available on it, as will the new advanced practitioner masters courses in both embroidery and patchwork and quilting.  When we've checked everything over to make sure it's all working correctly we would drop everyone a line, so that they can check it out too.

    Exciting, isn't it?!

    Well, hope you all have a really great weekend - the weather here in the UK has been great over the last couple of days and is forecast to last over the weekend, fingers crossed. I'm meeting friends for lunch tomorrow and then taking my mum out to lunch on Sunday, as it's her birthday.

    Wednesday, 1 September 2010

    1/9/2010 White Rabbits

    Hello September!!

    Goodness – it seems only a week or two ago that we had such high hopes for summer.  I realised that in my excitement about the machine embroidery courses yesterday, I diudn’#t mention the bank holiday weekend at all.  I’ll put that right now! 

    Saturday – shopping to Southport for food and a cardigan.  Then stopped off at the Farm for lunch.  If you’re in the area, its really homely and nice.  I’ll put a link below.  Great home-made cake (or so I’m assured by others!!!).  Also they have 3 or 4 really nice rooms for B&B – flat screen tvs and nice, modern bathrooms. Walk in the afternoon sunshine.  Sunday – donned our waterproofs and walked around Rufford early – got home soaked.  Cleared out my sewing room – yessssssssssss. Now have no excuses for not getting on.  Monday: beautiful day – wall to wall sunshine.  Walked Mawdsley and it seemed such a shame not to spend more time out, walked Rufford as well – around 4 miles in total.Completed some outstanding accounts for the accountant and then early night. I really enjoyed the stay at home weekend and felt renewed for this week – long may it last!

    The Farm at Burscough