Thursday, 28 October 2010

Skyped Out!

A really interesting week speaking to our 23 research group students…………….all just starting certificate in embroidery and with half supporting each other via a closed Facebook site as well as collaborating on some parts of their course research.

I’ve been phoning everyone to check that they have all received their course materials and don’t have any problems before they commence.  This has actually been a really nice job (although the prospect of sitting down with the Skype headphones on and making 23 calls didn’t really appeal at the time!) as its been great to hear about their plans, concerns and aspirations and in general find out more about them.  Really nice to put a voice to the name and hopefully has been good for them too, in that they can do the same…………

Thursday, 21 October 2010

21/10/2010 Sprucing Up before Winter

It’s been a hive of activity at Eccles Farm this week – all our outside woodwork has been painted ready for the onset of winter, along with the conifers and shrubs being trimmed back, borders being tidied and re-planted with heathers, ivy and shrubs. Paths pressure washed and looking super clean. Outside windows cleaned. Boiler serviced. Next in line are the main automatic gates – they’re getting their annual spruce up and re-paint on Monday.  I’m guessing that its a bit like hibernation – a feeling of urgency to get everything done before the bad weather draws in and it becomes impossible to venture out and do anything useful because of the weather and the lack of daylight hours.   Whatever the reasoning, it’s certainly brightened up the place for all the attending students and staff alike.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

20/10/2010 Christmas is Coming

Went to Bents Garden Centre a couple of days ago.  If ever anything could get you in the mood for Christmas, Bents can.  I think they’ve been voted the best garden centre for a couple of years now – I’ll post their addy for you to take a look if you wish. 

Forests of trees, tonnes of decorations, table dressings, lights etc……….somehow it seemed to really match the autumn nip that’s now in the air.  I also have to say, that it’s a paradise for innovative embroiderers or patchworkers as well.  Some of the foils, beads and decorations convert wonderfully well for inclusion into all forms of textiles. It’s also the time of the year where excess just seems right, bright colours can be used in abundance and no-one seems to mind…….

Monday, 18 October 2010


Gosh – its been a frantic few weeks and I haven’t posted as often as I should.

David and I had a couple of weeks away in the Lakes (glorious weather for the most part) walking and relaxing (not to mention eating!!). I've included a couple of photos I took of grizedale forest just to prove that it does sometimes look sunny in the uk...........Then back to lots and lots of feedback and email. The last two weeks have been taken up with enrolling participants in a research study based around the first module of C&G Embroidery certificate. Amazing response, with over 80 people applying for just 20 places. Finally we got it down to 23 ( the 3 extras did such a magnificent job of begging and pleading we really couldn’t refuse!!!)and office staff are now busy getting everyone sorted out for commencing study next week.