Monday, 20 December 2010

20/12/2010 Snow and Disruption..........

It's been a very odd few days  - busy last week with lots of feedback for students who had just managed to complete a module in front of Christmas, which is pretty much as usual.
However the amount of snow that fell on Friday pm and Saturday am has caused lots of problems and was completely unexpected.  It's nigh on impossible to access Eccles Farm as the drive and car park are under a foot of snow and the entrance from the lane is treacherous. 

Not sure, as yet, if we'll be able to open as we'd planned to this week - to be honest its not looking too likely, unless an completely unforcast thaw takes place.  Fingers crossed for a little raise in the outside temperature!!  Please do understand and bear with us if none of us manage to access the office this week, won't you..........we'll do our very best, but nothing is worth risking life and limb.

Have a very happy Christmas and a great New Year

Friday, 10 December 2010

10/10/2010 Quilters Christmas Presents

For those people still doing some last minute shopping, I came across the Quilters Guild shop site today.  Great for quilting enthusiasts!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

09/12/2010 Next year's events

Today was our scheduled day for sorting out a programme of events for next year.  There have been lots of suggestions in the office today  - some obvious, like the Royal Wedding, and others a little more obscure.  We've tried to place something on every month throughout the year to keep the office and the Facebook area buzzing and have also included a couple of open days here at the centre for those based locally. 

We're just starting to rough in the dates and compile into a downloadable pdf which will eventually be available from our site.  Hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks.............

Thursday, 2 December 2010

It’s been a miserable week weather wise and, if I’m honest, pretty uneventful in the office too – so uneventful that we found ourselves taking about what was on the TV and comparing things that we found funny – that then progressed onto funny things of all time……….you know the sort of conversation, I’m sure!!
Anyhow the upshot is that rather than tell you about all the modules we’ve been re-writing or altering this week, or how hard we’ve worked at assessing student work, we though the best thing may be to post our all time favourite funny clips from Live at the Apollo and Michael McIntyre. Really hope they give you a bit of a chuckle during all the miserable weather. Anyone who has every travelled with Ryanair will love the first one and the second one is just funny…………..

Enter video caption here

Enter video caption here

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

01/12/2010 Reorganizing Stuff!

We've spent the week in the office so far re-organizing our delivery systems, so new email templates, new scheduling for tasks, new catalogue for courses etc.  Not the most exciting week ever, but then there's certainly been no incentive to venture out - its freezing out there!! Apparently it was minus 6 degrees this morning and nothing is really defrosting at any point during the day.  Having said that, I know we're very very lucky cos its much worse elsewhere in the UK.  We just have a very heavy frost and a slight sprinkling of snow - I'll attach a photo of the outside of one of the centre buildings taken around 3pm today.  There have been a few flurries of snow through the day, but appart from being very slippy underfoot it's not really stuck at all.
I've just treated myself to a pair of anti-slip grips for putting over shoes - maybe this could be the week to road test them..........
As far as what's on at the moment locally, I found this for the Manchester area:

The Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5LL

Telling Fortunes: New work by Alice Kettle
Until 24 December 2010: Wed - Sat 1.30 - 4.30. Details 0161 245 7245