Friday, 28 January 2011

28/01/2011 Table Issues

Oh dear - following on from my last post, we had a new table delivered yesterday (somewhere for visiting students to put their work and us to leave various things lying around on!).  Was it ready to use?  Of course not - far too easy! We need to have our endurance skills tested to the limit - it's good for us to have the odd  challenging task from time to time. So we all set to on the mission to assemble. A sort of Ikea moment!! However as we neared the finish post there was an obvious tilt observed - a little like looking at a boat in a force 10 gale.  We cautiously tested it and found it didn't just look precarious, by jolly it was precarious.........after much standing around, head scratching and discontent a decision was reached to send the blessed thing back and to order another from a company that assemble them first.  Of course it's still in the office porch waiting to be collected and probably will be for some time to come.............whilst the next one arrives Monday.  We're all really hoping that we can get the office to look a little less like a war-zone sometime soon, but as the recycling chappies are only coming to take the old stuff away at the end of next week, I'm guessing that the transformation won't be a quick one.... thank goodness for weekends....

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25/01/2011 Office Refurb Upheavel

Well, it started with needing a new office chair, which was duly ordered.  Then it was decided that we needed all new chairs in order to co-ordinate.  Next mats had been mentioned (to fit underneath the chairs to keep out tootsies warm in this freezing cold UK weather) so they were ordered too. 

Then someone (no names, no packdrill) suggested that the office sofas didn't match the new chairs and mats.  A different someone thought that instead of  one sofa we could really do with more table top space and a place to hold meetings - a TABLE maybe?

So today has been chaos with a new sofa, 4 new chairs, bouncy leather type cantileverd chairs and mats arriving. We are still sans table, but we live in hope, although I guess its possible that the table will never arrive and we will all have to pull up our chairs to the space where it should be and PRETEND to lean on it instead!

Shame most of the stuff requires a certain amount of DIY knowledge - who would have thought that a cantilevered chair could fit into such a SMALL box?  Wish us luck!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

19/01/2011 Type/Script Exhibition at Chapel Gallery

My first degree was in design and I LOVE graphic images, particularly writing or text based ones, so this exhibition at our local gallery in Ormskirk really caught my eye.  If you're local, then it's definately worth a visit.  They also have a really nice cafe, so plan to partake of a lovely coffee or quick lunch! If you want their full exhibition list it's available as a download from:

Type/Script: 22 January - 5 March 2011

This exhibition explores the way in which text shapes our world, from newsprint and typography’s ability to present information as absolute truth, to the fact that handwriting is as good as a fingerprint when representing our unique identity. Consider the power and authority of graphic type against the fluid beauty and individuality of handwritten script.

Exhibiting Artists: Ian Bradbury &

Sarah Morpeth, David Chalkey,

Fabio Coruzzi, Paul Matosic, Emma

McLeod, Carl Middleton, Tony

Rickaby, Donna Rumble-Smith,

Sandra Turley and

Anne-Marie Wright.

Monday, 17 January 2011

17/01/2011 Embellished : The Art of Fabulous Fabrics at the Harris Museum

I don't know if, like me, you'd like to put this on your to do list over the next month or so, but the details for this exhibition at the Harris Museum are below, along with a short video preview if you really can't make it.

About 10 years ago, I was lucky enough to visit the Harris with a group of patchworkers and spend a day 'underground' in their amazing storage areas, viewing the things that hadn't made it into an exhibition at that time.  Great fun!

The description of the present exhibition is below:

Take a closer look at textile patterns and techniques in our Textile & Costume Gallery exhibition. From delicately embroidered florals to bold geometric prints, the clothes we wear transform us into living works of art. From Chinese slippers to Horrockses dresses, come and discover a secret world of warps and wefts, stitches and sequins, pigments and dyes.

Some of the museum’s most beautiful textiles patterned by weaving, embroidery and printing are on display. Whether it’s flowers and foliage, spots and stripes, birds and animals or letters and graphics, you’ll find textile designs to suit all tastes. To add a bit of bling, there’s even a section devoted to fabrics embellished in glittering gold.

Many of the exhibits are hidden treasures from the museum stores, which have never been seen before, such as an eighteenth-century gown in the finest Spitalfields silk and a wall-hanging designed by the artist Walter Crane. Exquisite examples of embroidery include pieces from Europe, India, China and Turkey, dating from the 1600s to the modern day.
There are also some photos and video footage at the links below:

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11/01/2011 Valentine's Day Competition Going Live

Only just managed to suface from under the post Christmas backlog for long enough to blog much work waiting for us on our return to the office last Tuesday!
Today we've been working on our Valentine's Day competition - any textile work you have (or want to work new) that incorporates a heart motif is the theme we decided on.
To enter, you just need to uplift an image to the photo area of the open SST Facebook at, and Lisa Hart (we're sticking with the LOVE theme here!) will judge 3 winners who will each receive a lovely Home is Where the Heart Is Jennifer Pudney needlepoint kit posted out to them for free - see photo.