Friday, 25 February 2011

25/02/2011 Level 2 Delivery underway

Oh goodness - what a week!  My aplogies for only managing one blog post - very remiss of me. I've been very, very busy working to complete the first Level 2 course ready for launch in May.  Especially as I'm now working against time with our trip coming up - it's been 7am starts all week. Marj is doing words and I'm doing layout and now revisiting text before a final draft - lots of paracetamol has been flying around the office this week, as we all try to deal with our concentration induced migraines!!
I've been learning Adobe InDesign as I go along (with more than a little help from the excellent Steve Johnston's book Brilliant InDesign), which has also meant reacquainting myself with Photoshop and Illustrator along the way - more Steve Johnston manuals have come in handy there as well! It's a complicated package and I've done some head scratching, but every so often I've come across a feature that has made it all worthwhile - a sort of Eureka moment on the pc.........isn't it strange how something like using a dropper tool for text profiles can really cheer your day?!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

16/02/2011 Royal Wedding Competition on Facebook

For this you need to visit our Facebook page and upload your entries there - details of what's involved are below:

Royal Wedding Day competition - any textile work you have that celebrates a wedding (not just the Royal Wedding!) or a wedding anniversary. Uplift an image of your work to the photo wall on the SST Facebook group and we’ll ask Marguerita McBride (we're sticking with the Bridal theme here!) to judge the winner who will receive a stack of Pink Pig sketchbooks and 2 runners up who will each receive a Pink Pig sketch book each (see photos)

16/02/2011 Valentine's Day Competition Winners Posted

Lisa Hart has kindly got back to us with her choice for the 3 winners in the Valentine's Day competition on Facebook, who are as follows:

1st prize – Elizabeth Harcourt
2nd prize – Sandra Martin Reynolds
3rd prize – Julie MacDonald
 It must have been soooo hard to pick them, as there were so many lovely entries - a huge thank you to everyone who took part in it.  We have another one for the Royal Wedding coming up and I'll post details shortly.

Friday, 11 February 2011

11/02/2011 Upcoming Trip

I don't know if I've mentioned this previously, but I'll be travelling to Australia, New Zealand and the Western US shortly.  It's amazing how quickly it all seems to have come around - you know how it is, when booking it seems forever away and now it's nearly here! It's mainly holiday but with a little catching up with some of our students in New Zealand thrown in, which will be lovely and I'm very much looking forward to.  David is coming with me this time (I had to carry my own bags through the airport the last time I visited NZ!!) which will also give the trip a very holiday like feel. 
My 'to do before I go' list is getting ever longer and a certain amount of panic is setting in!!  Still, it will all come together eventually I'm sure.  Marj has been just wonderful over the last few months and has now kindly stepped up to manage everything whilst I'm jet setting.
We're all working frantically this week on getting the L2 delivery up and running - I'm constantly amazed how long it takes to undertake a new course from the initial 'how shall we do this' discussions to the actual doing and photographing through to the building up of the master copies in InDesign and the proofreading.   Fun but sooo time consuming.  I suspect that I'll be back into the office over the weekend, but at least I have that lovely break to look forward to!

Friday, 4 February 2011

04/02/2011 New Look Office Coming Together

Nearly there now - the old doddery table has gone and is replaced by a brand new boardroom table and some lovely new black leather type chairs - nice enough for us to schedule a meeting especially to use them!!

Lynbrook office supplies from Chorley - ( if you're looking for a new way of getting all the more usual paper and ink stuff) were wonderful - 2 chaps arrived at the time they said they would and carefully carried it in and constructed it and then cleared away the cardboard and stuff later.  How lovely was that - and how rare to get someone who gives that sort of personal service. A really big pat on the back for them.

Now I have noted that you'd like to see a pic of the office in all it's new glory, but at the moment half of it is still a tip and I'd be shamed to show it to you, so early next week, I promise, after we've had chance to clear a little of the debris......

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

01/02/2011 Sign up for Talking Threads special shows

Just been chatting with Jamie Malden this morning from Colouricious about a possible joint project for the future.  They are the company who make gorgeous craft DVDs and she was telling me that if any of you who would like to be included in the FREE 14 week airing of their whole Talking Threads series, should go to their site to register for their newsletter at before the 14th February and you will automatically be included.

The DVD’s content was originally broadcast on SKY TV and includes interviews with some top textile artists, what inspires them and then demonstrations of some of their favourite techniques.

Hope you all enjoy it!