Friday, 25 November 2011

New Colouricious DVD's shortly available

Jamie Malden from Colouricious has just emailed me to let us know that Colouricious will shortly have 2 new dvd's for sale.  The one by Gina Ferrari is particularly interesting and Colouricious have also set up a short excerpt from it that you can view for free at THIS ADDRESS
If you'd like to know more about Gina on a day to day basis you can follow her blog at "Fan my Flame" - the address is

Friday, 11 November 2011

It's been a COLD week!

My apologies for the late posting - I've been full of cold all week and finally decided to take a few days off rather than spread it around the office.  It's been a while since I had such a bad one - I've singlehandedly kept tissue manufacturers in business this week!

Anyhow, feeling much better now.  I guess these things have their time.  Not too much to post this week, though as I've been at home for most of it feeling sorry for myself. 
However, there have been a couple of hundred more photos gone up onto our flickr account this week, for those of you who would like a peek the address is  .  Just as a taster, Jean B's machine embroidered hand is above.
Also, there is a new Christmas card competiton on our Facebook page which went live yesterday - details are below:
The theme for the FB competition is any textile technique Christmas /Festive Season Card that you have made to send to someone.
The winner will receive 3 yards of Christmas themed cotton fabrics in fat quarters to add to their stash for next year, so 12 different ones in all. Runner up will receive 1yard Christmas fabric in 4 different designs.
All you have to do to enter is photograph your card before you send it and upload a photo to SST's FB page on or before the 25th December 2011.
The winner will be chosen by Jeanette Ranson and announced on SST’s Facebook on 12th Jan 2012.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Making Magazine

Over the last few months I've been really disappointed with the number of magazines which have been closed down or taken out of circulation - Workbox seems to be the latest casualty with Classic Stitches the one before that - a real shame as they were both really solid publications which had (certainly in the case of Workbox) been around for years.   I guess it is a case of economic issues and also a movement towards more online advertising, but I'm still really sorry to see them go. RIP to both of them.

However on the brighter side some are now starting up and I wanted to let you know how much I liked the one that has just been sent to me. It's called MAKING and is from the same stable as Craftsman, but with a much more upbeat, modern twist.  Maybe a little simplistic for very experienced needleworkers, but still a great source of ideas and suppliers.  I loved their paper dress project - photo shown.  You can find them HERE