Thursday, 15 December 2011

Festive Cheer

We've just been finishing off all outstanding tasks here in the office today before our Christmas break.  The last lot of feedback has just been emailed off and its starting to look like we may actually be up to date with everything!  We're back on the 9th Jan, so a good long time for spending with friends and relatives (or in my case with the writing up for the results chapter of my thesis!!). Full details of our Opening Times are available on the news page of SST's Website

This week has gone by in a flurry of completing outstanding projects that have been promised to various magazine for next year.  Unfortunately yesterday was less of a gentle pace and more break neck rush for the Stitch magazine project than it should have been because we had 'mislayed' the high res images of the various making stages.  Consequently the project had to be re-made and photographed en route.  What I can now say with confidence is that the whole item can be completed in just over 2.5 hours with no breaks for coffee and no standing back to admire one's handiwork!  It will be available in Stitch magazine early next year - not sure as yet of the exact release date, but I'll let you know when I am.  Below is a sneak preview of one of the 'Shopping Dollies'. there are also other projects from us coming out in Making magazine, The Quilter and Popular Patchwork as well as others.

Hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Festive Season and a great 2012
Gail  xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Whats On in 2012

Marj and I have just put the finishing touches to the Whats On in 2012 download and it's now available from  as a pdf download.  We do this for student information, of course, but also to keep us all on the straight and narrow here in the office. We work on the principle that if it's down in black and white somewhere we are commited to hit the deadlines. It becomes all too easy to delay getting a newsletter done or a competition details published, but if we have a list of what date everything has to be completed by we need to hit the date (or look at least a little silly!).  Hopefully it works - at least it did last year!

Hopefully those of you who are on our database will have received an email from us over the last day or two detailing our Christmas Holiday dates, but for those of you who aren't yet listed on our mailing list the details are below:
SST Christmas Opening Times
We will be open as usual until Wednesday 14th December 2011 and reopen on Monday 9th January 2012.  For students wishing to be certain of getting feedback before Christmas, please let us have any post or files before the 12th December.

Also new today are our most recent photos of student work sent in over the last few days.  You can find this at  A taster photo of one or two are below.