Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Flickr Images Up

Marj has been sorting and posting images this week of the last 6 weeks of selected student's work.  They look lovely all together - do check them out at

Also available are the presentation from those completing courses this year on YouTube.  Again, lots of lovely work in short video type clips.
Just to start you off, here is a clip from one of our completing distance students, Julie MacDonald.

Friday, 22 June 2012

EV visit and New YouTubes

Goodness, what a week!  Our External Verifier was here until nearly 7 pm on Monday, so there has been some catching up to do since!  However it was all very positive and I especially like the comment on her report that "all practical work seen was of a good or excellent standard".  It sort of makes it all worthwhile!
We've been steadily working our way through putting up a selection of student's work onto YouTube this week.  You can check out whats up there at the moment HERE

Also, the Inspire events are steadily progressing - Janet has a wonderful bit on her BLOG about what we got up to yesterday whilst checking out the June venue (the other two are signed and sealed, thank goodness!)
I thought a sneak preview may be worthwhile at this point - we're still loading sessions onto them, but the site should be live in around a fortnight.

Monday, 11 June 2012

British Embroidery Emerging

It's so nice to see some British designers emerging and giving us some typically home spun designs. 

I came accross Lara Sparks' designs this week and thought you may be interested to view her simple and yet very effective London scenes.  Especially at a time when the Diamond Jubilee has been so much in the news and the London Olympics will shortly be taking over our TV screens!

My particular favorite is this black and white embroidery, but Lara does do quite a lot with colour too.  She also does completed items for those of you who would prefer something a little quicker than DIY!! You can view more of her work at