Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Inspire's Progress

Well, I'm back from holiday, rested, eager and have a teenie, tiny tan - at least the pale blue tinge I was sporting just before going has dimmed somewhat! Janet has been keeping a wonderful blog documenting the Inspire Retreats we plan for next year and  letting everyone know as new tutors are signed up for our events next year.  Thought I'd just let you know about the latest couple, but you can visit the blog HERE for further details as they emerge.

Sheena Norquay will be one of our textile tutors at the April 2013 event. Sheena is a very experienced quilt artist and will be taking several workshops, enabling those from beginners through to experienced stitchers to participate. One of the workshops is titled Fantasy Birds and here is a quick glimpse of one of Sheena's samples

Gail Lawther will also be one of our workshop tutors and her new book 'Glimpses of Britain' will be released for sale mid June 2012. It contains 24 new quilts and 24 projects, plus lots of lovely photos, 136 colour pages.  I loved the New Zealand one, above, so am really looking forward to seeing the new release.

Jamie's Textile Holidays

I promised Jamie I would let you all know about her new Textile Holidays - the Indian one sounds lovely and so interesting.  I had a student a while back who went along on the Embroiderers' Guild Indian tour breaks and produced some amazing work from her sketches and photos. The textile lover's holiday of a lifetime!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bratislava Textiles

Yipee - I'm off to Bratislava tomorrow.  Not work, just a week away with David doing (hopefully) very little other than potter around and admire.  A little downtime is much needed at the moment.

To that end, I decided today to research textile artists and designers from Slovakia (still haven't quite got the hang of this switching off lark, have I?!!).

A particular favorite is Iveta Mihalikova, who is an experienced designer and textile artist herself and also a teacher of textile design at School of Applied Art in Bratislava.
I wanted to share some of her work with you - it is inspirational and very organic. She also paints and works in wire as well as her textile pieces. 

You can find more at her site at http://www.ivetamihalikova.eu/pages/tapiserie.aspx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Taster Course on Machine Embroidery

Just a quick update on the taster course available for FREE download from SST's site.
I did this one a few months back for an attended course at the centre, so I hope you like it - it's based around a painted background and free machine embroidery.  Whilst there is a template of the scene I used included, I've also given instructions for undertaking your own design too.
It includes some water soluble fabric work to make the free standing motif on the outside of the mount, so contains quite a few different techniques. You can download it at http://www.sofst.org/taster.php

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Another Publication Vanishes

I wonder if you have all heard about the very sorry state of affairs of Modern Quilting Magazine?
Their parent company, All Craft Media (ACM) has gone into liquidation and left several a number of suppliers and writers in the lurch. One of our students, Sarah Ashford, had just had a series of articles accepted by them and has kindly let me know today what has happened in the hopes that by talking about it we can prevent anyone else finding themselves in the same situation.

Sarah has written about it in detail on her blog - www.sarahashford.blogspot.com  
You can find lots of further details there.

It appears that ACM are a phoenix company of KAL Media, which also went into liquidation in 2010, both owned by Kerrie Allman. There are lots of stories out there about designers and contributors having not been paid for their work and samples not returned.

It's always sad to hear about something like this happening, especially when our students get caught in the cross-fire,  however as the move towards social media carries on, I guess it may well not be the last magazine that closes.  Times are a changing!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Eeh up - Down South again!

Janet and I went 'down south' again this week for 2 days, reviewing several options of hotel for the final Inspire event in 2013..........goodness, who would have thought it could be so hard to pick a hotel!!

Personally I usually just check on tripadvisor to make sure nothing awful is being said about the place and then book - however there's so much more to consider with such a big event and visits can take quite some time by the time all the questions have been asked and answered, each room visited and copious amounts of coffee drunk!!

We decided after the long drive down to Berkshire and a couple of meetings that a relax was in order during the evening, so a couple of glasses of chilled pinot grigio later at a converted old mill/pub just hit the spot - Janet is there hiding in the background trying to take a photo of me just as I took a photo of her!